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Iranian born, American expat living in Australia, Bobby Aazami is a proud husband to a lioness wife, father to 2 fur babies, an avid storyteller, a professional photographer and a die-hard Prince fan.​

Growing up as a little boy in pre-revolution Iran, Bobby’s love for the visual medium was fostered after watching his first episode of The Six Million Dollar Man”. Enamoured by the main character of this show, Bobby’s imagination was sparked and stories were born in his head. His love for the arts was further heightened when he moved to the United States at the age of nine and discovered MTV. In the years that followed, Bobby explored his love for the arts by trying his hand in every medium - from music production to stand up comedy, until he found contentment through the lens of a camera.

As a survivor of child sexual assault, he is the founder of  Will Not Rest, an organisation  dedicated to shifting the consciousness surrounding child sexual abuse and narcissistic abuse through theatre and storytelling.

As a writer and performer, he is currently premiering his one-man stage show, The Six Million Dollar Kid – a roller coaster comedy drama about his 35-year search for the superhero inside.

What People Are Saying

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"I would absolutely recommend this show to anyone who is brave enough to sit with the emotions it will certainly stir up. It is confronting content however, Bobby's artistry ensures that audiences are held with care throughout the show." 

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"Rather than 'inspiration porn' - it instilled a determination in me. A determination to join the fight to protect those most vulnerable."

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"The key aspect of this riveting show is that when Bobby shares his story in his darkest times, he does not intend for you to see him as the victim. Instead the powerful motif portrayed is that our collective care and attention should be focused on how to stop this from happening to others."

  Bobby Aazami  |  The Six Million Dollar Kid  |  Sydney, Australia  |  bobbyaazami@gmail.com

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