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Sydney, NSW

The Six Million Dollar Kid is absolutely unmissable. Aazami holds the audience in the palm of his hand as he takes us on a journey from the Revolution era Iran of his childhood, to the 1980s of his Los Angeles youth and current day Sydney, Australia - never once losing his humanity as he deals with what is arguably the most challenging and taboo issue of our time - child sexual abuse.


Aazami’s courage, warmth, humour and masterful storytelling help make this tough subject matter accessible to all. We cried, we laughed and all of us, regardless of role or relationship; whether parents, lovers, survivors, friends or simply theatre-goers, left with renewed determination to protect the next generation of children from harm.


I cannot recommend this show highly enough. It should be compulsory viewing for all parents, a conversation starter for health-care professionals and therapists, a challenge to law-makers and a healing balm for survivors. As a high school English teacher, I can imagine designing a unit of study around the play’s script for my senior students. I encourage everyone to see this show, and hope it receives the funding required to reach as many people as possible. 5 stars.

Sydney, NSW

The Six Million Dollar Kid really affected me in a powerful way. The way Bobby tells his story allows us to build such a close relationship with his character... even though it's his personal story, he tells it from the perspective of an emotionally mature and well integrated grown man. I have so much respect and admiration for the bravery of this show, which is his astonishing story. It's incredible to see the resilience of the human spirit and it's ability to choose love despite all invitations to hate.


Emotionally it's a rollercoaster! Going from extreme fits of laughter to gut wrenching empathy... opening up old familiar wounds and deep soul cleansing sobbing. To hear a man tell this story is particularly impactful as it feels deeply healing to the collective masculine. With an issue that is so often repressed and swept under the carpet leading to a perpetuated cycle of abuse, it is relieving to know that someone is doing something to break that cycle. I would absolutely recommend this show to anyone who is brave enough to sit with the emotions it will certainly stir up. It is confronting content however, Bobby's artistry ensures that audiences are held with care throughout the show. As someone with sexual abuse history, I commend Bobby for doing what so many people cannot do.

Sydney, NSW

In this modern age - true storytellers are few and far between. Weaving a story, drawing an audience in, and changing them forever - these tasks are all skilfully carried off by Bobby Aazami' in his one man show "The Six Million Dollar Kid". With an Everyman presence  - he graces the stage with a story of resilience, grief and a childhood of survival through clinging to the stories of his bionic hero. Telling his personal story of childhood abuse with a lightness that does not diminish the seriousness of the topic;   his show imparts a sense of determination and strength through vulnerability. 

As an audience member - I was taken through a roller coaster of emotions; from laughter all the way through to grief and shock. 


Rather than 'inspiration porn' - it instilled a determination in me. A determination to join the fight to protect those most vulnerable.


Funny, moving and a call to action - Bobby Aazami's "The Six Million Dollar Kid" is a must see. It shows how the simple act of sharing a story - can change the lives of those who hear it.

London, UK

I am not really sure where to start… I was left totally speechless after seeing Bobby Aazami perform his one-man show: The Six Million Dollar Kid.  It is most definitely an experience that will stay with me forever and not in a disturbed or burdened way but with complete heart opening enlightenment. An awakening to the truth.

I found myself totally held by Bobby’s performance, from start to finish. It was engaging, raw, funny, heart warming, heart breaking and most importantly; it is true. Bobby kept the perfect balance of light and shade whilst never shying away from the reality of the horrific trauma he has experienced. Having said that he didn’t go into graphic detail about the extent of his abuse, but he didn’t need to. Bobby drew you in with every word, every character and every emotion. I had absolute admiration for his ability to give a completely non-bias rendition of his journey, with empathy and compassion for every person that had wronged him. I felt sadness but also empowerment both for him and myself. Having never experienced any sexual abuse, I was amazed that I could still relate to many of the emotions in my own trauma and not only that but I was able to connect a lot of the post traumatic stress symptoms he relayed, to friends of mine that have had similar experiences. It gave me a better understanding of what they’ve been through and I left feeling more equip to help them in the future should they need me to.


I feel honoured to have witnessed his performance. It truly was one of the most life changing shows I have ever seen. You cannot un-hear the truth and I commend Bobby for his bravery; as he continues to find the courage to share his story with us, more and more people will hear the truth and with the truth comes change. 

Sydney, NSW

The Six Million Dollar Kid. Where to begin?


Hearing Bobby’s performance elicited many, many feelings to come up for me. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse myself, it was incredibly comforting to hear of someone else’s difficult journey and the similar repercussions they have had to face as a result. Of course, there were many other emotions that arose upon hearing his performance, some uncomfortable, yes, but oh so necessary to feel. So many survivors believe that what happened to them as a child is something to feel deeply shameful for, something that isolates them and something that will haunt them forever, which paralyses them and takes away their power.


To hear Bobby speak so openly about his story with confidence, humour and grace is what every survivor needs to hear. I was shocked by hearing his story of seeking refuge and the bullying he had to face. The strength he showed in writing an open letter about his abuse blew me away. Bobby’s strength shone throughout his entire performance and this very strength is what inspired me to finally, once and for all come out to my own family about what had happened to me as a child. I can’t begin to put into words how grateful I am and forever will be, to have had the opportunity to attend this show and would deeply encourage many others to do the same.


Whether you are a survivor yourself, know someone who is or want to help shine the light on the biggest cause of childhood trauma known to this day – there is something for everyone to take away from hearing this inspiring performance. Bobby brings charm, charisma and an uplifting energy to his performance, allowing the audience to feel safe, entertained and empowered. Witnessing this kind of bravery in action is something I will always remember. I walked away with a deep sense of belonging, hope and an undying need to share my own story.  

Hobart, Tasmania

The Six Million Dollar Kid is one of the most moving pieces of theatre that I have ever experienced. Bobby's performance shakes one to their core and restores faith. Honest, vulnerable and brave - this is what theatre is meant to do...make you feel something so deeply and you cannot help but be forever changed. 

Also, since child sexual abuse is a difficult topic for most people to openly discuss, The Six Million Dollar Kid makes itself a compulsory viewing experience for all because it furthers this desperately needed conversation through the medium of art - thereby contributing to the necessary awareness and healing needed for everyone.

Los Angeles, CA

Although The Six Million Dollar Kid touches on some profound universal themes such as displacement, the deferment of childhood dreams and discovering your truly was an example and perspective I have not witnessed on stage before. Without ever shying away from the reality of child sexual abuse, this show guides the audience through the view point of both a tormented refugee child and a vindicated pro-active adult, while avoiding the need to delve into graphic detail or vulgar compensation. With honesty and courage, combined masterfully with compassion, wit, humour and charisma, I was absorbed and engaged from start to finish.  

I was left feeling empowered and hopeful, even though I had been moved by layers of sadness and anger during the performance. As a man, in particular of Iranian decent, to be speaking out is powerful beyond the scope of my review but I would say it marked my calendar as a day some light was shone into a very dark corner of our human story.

In a world filled with hashtags and slogans, getting an insider view of this nature is powerful in our global fight against sexual violence and protecting vulnerable populations.  I would encourage educational institutions, social services and religious communities to watch The Six Million Dollar Kid. The nuances and hidden dangers of a society or culture that places value on “but he is such a nice man” over justice and truthfulness can not be missed.

Most of all, if only one person in the audience sees themselves reflected back and connects with the personal empowerment conveyed, it would be priceless.  Although my guess is there are far more than “only one” in any audience, anywhere.

Paris, France

The Six Million Dollar Kid was funny, witty, poignant and heart breaking all at once. Bobby courageously takes us on a journey through the ups and downs of his childhood, including surviving a revolution, moving with his family from Iran to America, and the heart wrenching experience of child sexual assault. Bobby is a master storyteller who has the ability to behold the humour, the joy, and even the gratitude in some of life’s most traumatic moments. His story and his mission are inspiring and nothing short of super-human courage. I walked out of the show inspired by the ability of this man to take such a difficult experience, and by sharing his story with others, turn it into a positive resource for many. A must see!

Sydney, NSW

The Six Million Dollar Kid was INCREDIBLE.  A deeply moving and confronting show. A well written, funny, charismatic performance with so much heart. I laughed and I cried.

Sydney, NSW

As a parent, I am still going through my own personal journey and slowly going through each of the feelings stirred from this show. Through the humour and story telling, we are morphed into the world of a kid who has experienced the happiness which comes from a loving family and the journey they take to make their lives a better place. A turning point, which changes everything, allows the audience to envision the injustices that take part in our society, which are experienced by many.

The Six Million Dollar Kid invites the audience to experience the feelings encountered through the narrator's personal journey - but as a spectator, it allows you to become empathetic to the struggles and hardships experienced along the way. It brings a new found perspective of how to connect and become supportive with those around you who have overcome their own journey, as they gain the courage to confront their feelings.

Highly recommended for all. Its a soul stirring and eye opening experience.

Sydney, NSW

The Six Million Dollar Kid is entertaining and thought provoking, it is as confronting as it is inspirational, Bobby shows amazing courage opening up about many challenges that he has experienced and the universal lessons we can all relate to and draw motivation from. He bears his charismatic self with no apologies or needless grandeur, he is honest, funny, forthright and insightful and the story takes you on an emotional rollercoaster that you can exit at any time, but don’t want to.


The key aspect of this riveting show is that when Bobby shares his story in his darkest times, he does not intend for you to see him as the victim, instead the powerful motif portrayed is that our collective care and attention should be focused on how to stop this from happening to others. It is a truly selfless and powerful performance that brings about the realisation that this story will continue to be repeated unless we listen, learn and change our behaviours.


P.S. If your name is Steve, prepare to be offended a little 😊

Sydney, NSW

The Six Million Dollar Kid is hands down one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. Bobby’s mastery in sharing his personal story which is both hopeful, humorous and at the same time devastating - makes for an engaging experience.


I really felt moved by his resilience and his ability to make you cry and laugh at the same time. Thank you for sharing your story - it is a must for everyone to watch!

Sydney, NSW

The Six Million Dollar Kid turns the superhero genre on its head!  Why you might ask?  It wittingly invites you, the audience, to witness through your own eyes the journey of letting go past injustices and gently allow new revelations to permeate our inner sense of being.  

Bobby’s well crafted performance lays bare his own soul, allowing the audience to connect with his courage, as he takes his wounded inner child by the hand and gradually re-enchant his sensibilities, once again.  The efficacy of Bobby’s superhero lies in his ability to summon the powers of story telling, in order to slowly peel away at the core of indifference, fear, prejudice and taboos surrounding the horrors, inherent within the dark world of child sexual abuse.  

The performance resonates with all those struggling to heal the wounded inner child within us all.  The most beautiful aspect of The Six Million Dollar Kid is that it has opened the magical powers of healing, through introspection and the supernatural powers of the creative arts.  If The Six Million Dollar Kid comes to your town, I suggest you turn off all your digital wares and experience the power of humanity.

Gold Coast, Queensland

The Six Million Dollar Kid is not only brave, but full of love and hope. It's difficult and confronting. It's funny. It's captivating. It's real and necessary. It takes a stand on behalf of so many who need to.

Sydney, NSW

The Six Million Dollar Kid is a thrilling experience that will make you feel all emotions!


Bobby Aazami’s astonishing one-man show tells how one’s life is inspired by passions and dreams and affected by the difficulties of family loyalty. We've all heard or experienced the agonies of having to face mistreatment or abuse, but here’s a show that will make you feel it afresh through a performance that is quick witted, satirical, full of character, serious and yet comical.

The Six Million Dollar Kid is a triumph and I would recommend it to anyone.

Sydney, NSW

As an advocate for child protection and a mother, I cannot recommend this show enough. It’s an absolute must see show for anyone who has kids. Bobby’s performance was honest, raw, exceptionally talented and captivating. Sharing his story, he opened dialogue about a topic amongst the community that has always been taboo. I was engaged from the moment he stepped on the stage. Laughter, tears, warmth and most of all truth. 


In a society where we often hide truths to save face, this show allows parents and adults to truely realise the power of uniting as a force to protect our little gems from being violated. The Six Million Dollar Kid is a powerful performance that will change the face of our society one dialogue at a time. An absolute must see.

Melbourne, Victoria

Personally, having never experienced any form of child abuse or sexual assault, I wasn’t sure what to expect from The Six Million Dollar Kid. 


Bobby brought an energy to the room that promoted the audience to engage his storytelling prowess. Through this, we all laughed, cried, and drew sympathetic emotions that we weren’t sure were there. His delivery definitely promotes the viewer to feel empathy. Not necessarily towards the hardships he's encountered but rather, towards awareness and healing.


For me, The Six Million Dollar Kid is the perfect character to bring these issues to light.

Townsville, Queensland

I really enjoyed The Six Million Dollar Kid.  It was a well executed, funny, and insightful piece which also dealt with some serious issues.

For me, it put forward additional perspective on the refugee story, and the difficulties faced by migrating families dealing with cultural stigmas from both their existing, and also the new cultures they find themselves immersed in.

I would recommend to everyone that has the chance to see this show!

Sydney, NSW.

The Six Million Dollar Kid is one of the most incredible shows I have ever seen. Bobby took us on a journey like none other. I laughed, I cried, I sat at the edge of my seat and I imagined. It's totally a rollercoaster of emotions. 

As a mum of two young girls, I am so grateful to have seen this show. I highly recommend it to everyone.  

Sydney, NSW

Bobby is a fantastic storyteller. I was hooked from the minute this show began. As he recounted his life’s journey, there were so many moments that resonated with me. He achieved the difficult task of discussing a serious subject with the right amount of light and shade, communicating an important message.

It’s honest, it’s raw and it will make laugh until you cry. I think everyone needs to witness The Six Million Dollar Kid for themselves.

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