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The Six Million Dollar Kid is a superhero story like no other.

A young boy grows up in Iran obsessed with Steve Austin from the American TV show The Six Million Dollar Man. When the Islamic Revolution breaks out and his family flees to the U.S., he believes it’s all part of his destiny to become the next Bionic Man. But when tragedy strikes and his family tries to cover up a dark secret, he will be forced to rely on the one power he has to survive:  His voice!

He takes to the stage, travelling across America to tell stories – hilarious stories about his childhood, his family, the refugee experience, the American dream and his ongoing quest to become the next Six Million Dollar Man.

What begins as a way to deal with childhood traumas, becomes a life-long attempt to find freedom through the power of voice - but the irony is the one story he desperately needs to tell…he can’t. Until now.

Performed by Iranian-American Bobby Aazami, this inspirational comedy drama takes you on a rollercoaster ride through one man’s 30-year attempt to find the superhero inside. Hugely entertaining, it features vivid accounts of the colourful characters that helped and hindered him along the way. It will make you laugh, gasp and re-discover...the six million dollar kid inside.


Teaser  Trailer



Teaser  Trailer

What People Are Saying

"The Six Million Dollar Kid is one of the most moving pieces of theatre I have ever experienced. Honest, brave and vulnerable - this is what theatre is meant to do...make you feel something so deeply you cannot help but be forever changed." 

"It is most definitely an experience that will stay with me forever and not in a disturbed or burdened way but with complete heart opening enlightenment. An awakening to the truth."

"I walked out of the show inspired by the ability of this man to take such a difficult experience, and by sharing his story with others, turn it into a positive resource for many. A must see!"

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