What People Are Saying

"I cannot recommend this show highly enough. It should be compulsory viewing for all parents, a conversation starter for health-care professionals...a challenge to law-makers and a healing balm for survivors. 

5 stars!"

"Funny, moving and a call to action - Bobby Aazami's 'The Six Million Dollar Kid' is a must see. It shows how the simple act of sharing a story - can change the lives of those who hear it."

"To hear a man tell this story is particularly impactful as it feels deeply healing to the collective masculine." 

"Witnessing this kind of bravery in action is something I will always remember. I walked away with a deep sense of belonging, hope and an undying need to share my own story."  

  Bobby Aazami  |  The Six Million Dollar Kid  |  Sydney, Australia  |  bobbyaazami@gmail.com

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